Media Ministry

Music, Drama, Dance, all working to bring about creative expression of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

What you see is what you get... and JPLCC produces the most up-to-date publications to validate our heart of excellence. We offer quarterly Newsletters, Church Magazines, Ministry Brochure and more.

We aim to implement innovative ideas for ministry products through skill, knowledge, and experience in the area of creative design and layout.

JPLCC's PR department develops press releases, public service announcements (PSA), print materials, television/radio advertisements, website designs, marketing, slogans and concepts to enhance the overall influence of JPLCC in its entirety.

We work together with local organizations, city government, and private firms, to promote and instill a quality of life for the JPLCC community.

Our in-house staff works diligently to provide JPLCC with a global precedence. Through our inaugural foundation, JPLCC now reaches the nations of the world in ministry publication and broadcast.