Prophetess Luretha M. Mingo

Prophetess Luretha M. Mingo 

Luretha MingoProphetess Luretha M. Mingo is a native of Miami, Florida and a graduate of the Tuskegee Institute with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing. She also has a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology and a Master’s Degree in Christian Counseling from Life Christian University and is currently working on her Doctorate of Theology Degree. Upon receiving Christ as her personal Lord and Savior in 1979, she was filled with the Holy Spirit. Prophetess Mingo then became a member of Trinity Faith House of God. It was in this organization that she received her foundational teaching and ministerial credentials. Afterwards, she attended Jesus People Ministries Church International under the leadership of Bishop Isaiah S. Williams, Jr., D.D. She held several administrative and teaching positions and was ordained as a Prophetess and Teacher under Bishop Williams’ tutelage.

Prophetess Mingo received God’s calling with a Prophet anointing and was compelled by the Holy Spirit to pursue a deeper knowledge and experience with the Lord. This pursuit has led to an honest and “straight forward” style of delivering God’s Word that is refreshing and anointed. Prophetess Mingo operates in the office of Prophetess and Teacher with a strong deliverance ministry with the manifestations of the gifts of the Spirit in operation.

“Take The Mask Off” Ministry, a division of Jesus People Life Changing Church, located in Gainesville, Florida, is a ministry that God birthed through Prophetess Mingo. Her heart’s desire is to minister to every aspect of humanity holistically – to men, women, and children – breaking through all denominational and traditional boundaries. Prophetess Mingo acknowledges the strong detestation and hatred that the devil has against the people of God. Therefore, she realizes the importance of building strong relationships between God and His people so that they can collectively annihilate the works of the devil. “Take The Mask Off” Ministry's motto is, “For this purpose was Christ manifested to destroy the works of the devil, so let us do likewise”.

Prophetess Mingo is the devoted and dedicated wife of Pastor Horace L. Mingo of Jesus People Life Changing Church. To this union they have one daughter Chernitra Palencia. She has a genuine zeal of God with knowledge concerning holiness and righteous living. Her desire is to develop the people of God so that they would have an authentic relationship with God, the Father and Jesus Christ, His Son through His Holy Spirit.

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